With a Multimedia Design degree, a proactive and multitasking profile and a solid design, development & communication background, I usually work as a pivot on multidisciplinary projects in collaboration with product analysts, strategists, experience designers and developers.

Over the last several years I gained experience working at Avature – a leader in enterprise SaaS for talent management, talent acquisition, and the leading provider of CRM technology for global recruitment – delivering tailor made solutions to clients needs (Avature has 110 companies of the Fortune 500, among many others).

As a Specialist Designer (UX Portals), I’m one of the Team Leads, coordinating a group of designers, responsible for planning, production, design, monitoring and general coordination of all Portals’ projects, while performing an ongoing quality control to assure the company quality standards.

You can find me working at Flixxo – a community based video distribution platform – coordinating the desktop and mobile apps, general communication and brand development, and also learning motion design and animation in my spare time.


  • Avature
    • Specialist Designer, UX Portals Team Lead
  • Flixxo
    • Visual & UX Designer – Lead Designer
  • Freelance / Graphic Design Services
    • Web Designer & Front End Developer
  • Edrans
    • Visual & UX Designer – Freelancer
  • Pumbo Indumentaria
    • Designer
  • Tres Pixeles.
    • Co-founder & Art Director
  • Avature
    • Senior Designer
    • Web Designer & Front End Developer
  • Studio Hakuna
    • Web Designer & Front End Developer
  • Universidad Maimónides
    • Productora Multimedial


  • Maimónides University
    • Multimedia Design and Communication
  • Maimónides University
    • Interactive Communication Technician
  • Animation Gym
    • Diploma in Professional Animation of 3D Characters
  • School of Motion
    • Design Bootcamp
    • Rigging Academy
    • Character Animation Bootcamp


  • Professor – Digital Projects II – Maimónides University (Coming Soon)
  • Introduction to VR Pipeline – Workshop – Maimónides University (Coming Soon)
  • Mentor – UX Challenge – Maimónides University
  • Assistant Professor – Design III – Maimónides University
  • Assistant Professor – Creative Software – Maimónides University
  • Multimedia Production Company – Maimónides University
  • Member of the artistic collective “Proyecto Untitled” – Maimónides University


  • Marc Davis, Walt Disney’s Reinassance ManDisney Book Group
  • The Power of Now Eckhart Tolle
  • Head Strong Dave Asprey
  • Astrophysics for People in a Hurry Professor Neil DeGrasse Tyson
  • Big MagicElizabeth Gilbert